Basic Structure of HTML

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Document Type <HTML> </HTML>
Title <TITLE> </TITLE>
Header <HEAD> </HEAD>
Body <BODY> </BODY>

• HTML document begins and ends with HTML tag i.e. <HTML> </HTML>
Here <HTML> indicates the browser that it is a HTML document and </HTML> tells the browser that HTML document is completed.

• Header Tag i.e. <HEAD></HEAD>
Header Tag does not contain any text, it only contains the Title Tag in it.

• Title tag i.e. <TITLE></TITLE>
Anything written between this tag is not displayed on the screen but it is used to identify the Webpage.

• Body tag i.e.<BODY></BODY>
This is the main part of HTML document. The content which is to be displayed on screen as webpage should be written here. Body Tag contains the text as well as various tags but only the text will be displayed on Webpage.

A simple example

<title>	My First WEB PAGE </title>
HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language

Simple HTML program

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